Real Estate Investments In TURKEY

Turkey based on both population and is an ideal country to invest 80 million thanks to the quality and young workforce. Turkey, 16th in the world in terms of economy is the sixth in Europe. Moreover, foreign investors provided incentives, tax breaks, conveniences like free land allocation also makes it attractive to invest in Turkey. leading construction sector, one of the leading sectors of Turkey’s economy has achieved growth in every sector last year. Along with tourism, the real estate sector can maintain its weight within the general economy with its locomotive position. Over the next five years, it is guaranteed the continuation of this real estate boom, because there is no change to the Turkish government over the next four years and the decision is a political will to maintain its investment property in Turkey. When all these developments are considered together, it is seen that both our country’s 2023 targets and a revival towards the domestic market are gradually achieved. It is clear that the sector will have an active role in these developments, as stated by its experts.

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